Episode 146

Know Your Web Design History – Glenn Davis of Project Cool, Cool Site of the Day, and The Web Standards Project


August 3rd, 2016

54 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Glenn Davis is the creator of Cool Site of the Day; cofounder of Project Cool; and cofounder, Executive Committee member, and essayist for The Web Standards Project, which he also hosted. Glenn was a leading force behind Liquid Design, an approach that predates Responsive Web Design by about 20 years. He taught everyone how to do “DHTML” via his Project Cool tutorials. In the Silicon Valley from 1994 through the early 2000s, Glenn was a huge creative force.

In a lively hour, Glenn and host Jeffrey Zeldman discuss life before the animated GIF; “perceived bandwidth;” building their first websites; getting from Gopher to the web; SLIP and PPP connections; discovering UNIX; the story behind Cool Site of the Day; the battle for standards in our browsers; the web then versus the web now; and much, much more.

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